Notes to remember
Mendel is the father of Genetics.
Word gene was given by Johansen.
Unit of heredity is gene.
Gene are made up of DNA.
A genetically engineered form of brinjal is known as BT-brinjal has been developed. The objective of this is to make it pest resistant.
Polynucleotide chain of DNA consists a nitrogeneous base, deoxyribose sugar and phosphate group.
The process of copying genetic information from one strand of DNA into RNA is termed as 'Transcription'.
Syngamy results in formation of Diploid zygote.
Mendel's law were rediscovered by Correns, Tshermak and Deveries.
Mendel's second law is the law of segregation.
Mirablius is exception to Mendel's principle of dominance.
DNA fingerprinting is a technique used for the detection of disputed parentage.
The subunits of DNA are known as Nucleotide.
Change is the base sequence within the gene is called mutation.
Ribozymes are RNA.
Monohybrid ratio of Mendel's cross is 3:1.
Kornbeg got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA.
One gene one enzyme theory is given by Beadle and Tatum.
The golden rice contains β-carotene gene which comes from daffodil.
Sex chromosome in human male is named XY.
Chromosomes are best seen in Metaphase.
The term mutation was introduced by Hugo Devries.
Genetic material of cell is DNA.

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