Legal Glossary- India

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Radcliffe Line
Radcliffe Line is an international boundary between India and Pakistan demarcated at the time of partition of British India in 1947 by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, Chairman of the Bombay Commission. It makes international border between Pakistan and India in the west part of India (Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat). It also makes international border between east Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and India (West Bengal, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram).

Rajgir is located in the Nalanda district of Bihar. It is an important pilgrimage centre for Buddhist, Jains and Hindus. According to tradition Jarasandha belonged to Rajgir. He fortified the town by using rubble masonary. Bimbisara is credited to have built the city of Rajgir or Rajagriha, at the foot of Himalayan Terai. According to Mahabharata, Jarasandha, an adversary of the Pandavas, ruled here in ancient times. It was the ancient capital of the Magadha Emperors in the 4th century BC. The site Jivakanravana, (Jivika the court - physician of Buddha) has revealed several elliptical halls. It was at Rajgriha, that the Buddha met Bimbisara, who presented to the Buddha the garden known as the bamboo grove, as a residence for the monks. The bamboo grove became the site of the first Buddhist monastery. Sariputra and Modgallayna, the Buddha's foremost disciples, were converted and accepted into the Sangh order at Rajgir. The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajgir in Saptapurni guha.

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