Hydrogen and its derivatives

Notes to remember
Diazonium salts play principal role in dye industry.
Perspex glass is commonly used residential and commercial aquariums.
Gamaxene is a ring compound used as pesticide. It is also called benzene hexachloride (BHC).
Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is one of the most common explosives for military and industrial application.
The main use of aniline is in dye industry.
Azodyes play an important role as colouring agents in the textile, food and pharmaceutical industry.
Nitrobenzene is highly toxic and readily absorbed through skin.
Nitrobenzene is consumed in the production of aniline.
Nitrobenzene is used in shoe and floor polishes.
Lassaigne's test is used for the detection of nitrogen, sulphur and halogens.
In organic compounds, halogens are estimated by Carius method.
Kjeldahl's method is used for the estimation of nitrogen.
Example of natural rubber is latex.
Example of synthetic rubber is Buna-S.
Example of natural fibre is Wool.
Example of synthetic fibre is Nylon.
High temperature is required to weld metals together, such a high temperature is obtained by burning acetylene in oxygen.
Compounds having same number and kind of atoms but different arrangement of atoms in their molecules are called isomers.
Straight chain paraffin(s) have high knocking property.
Tollen's reagent is ammonical silver nitrate.
Schiff's reagent is magneta solution decolourised with sulphurous acid.
Fehling's solution is copper sulphate and Rochelle salt + NaOH.
Chloropicrin is Nitrochloroform.
A sample of chloroform before using as an anaesthetic is tested by ammonical silver nitrate solution.
Sodium acetamide smells like reminiscent of mice.
The reverse of esterification is called as hydrolysis.
Hinsberg's reagent is benzene sulphonyl chloride.
The pure form of amorphous carbon is charcoal.
Citric acid is a tribasic acid.
Rayon is made from natural raw materials.
Carbon is found in all organic compounds.
The polymeric fibers used as a substitute for wool in making synthetic blankets, sweaters, etc is orlon.
The first organic compound synthesized in the laboratory is urea.
Two immiscible liquids are separated by separating funnel.
Latest technique for purification, isolation and separation of organic compounds is chromatography.
Oils are purified by steam distillation.
The handle of pressure cookers is made of plastic because it should be made of non-conductor of heat. The plastic used there is the first man-made plastic, which is Bakelite.

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