To love and to be loved by the one you love

Once a very poor man lived with his wife who had long and beautiful hair.

Wife: Darling, could you buy me a hair clip? I want my hair to be well-groomed.

Husband: I am sorry, but I cannot buy you a new hair clip now. I do not even have enough money to fix the strap of my watch!

After this, the man leaves for the work. While going to the work, man saw the watch shop.

Husband: Maybe if I sell my old watch. I can buy a new hair clip for my wife. He sells his damaged watch at a low price, and buys a new hair clip for his wife.

He comes to home in the evening with a broad smile to surprise his wife. Instead, he was surprised to find her wife in short hair.

Wife: Darling, I sold my hair to buy a beautiful watch for you.  Now, you don’t have to repair the strap of your watch. She presented the watch to him.

Husband: Tears come from his eyes, he managed himself and presented the hair clip to her. And, both hugged each other with happiness.

Moral: To love is nothing. To be loved is something, but to love and to be loved by the one you love, that is everything! Never take love for granted.

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